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Thank you for showing interest in the work of the Foundation. We regret that due to budget constraints, we will not be calling for grant applications for the year 2021.
We wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts.

What do we do at HCI Foundation?

Our aim is to bring about change in under developed and under privileged communities through working with partners and pooling resources.

In this way we hope to make a significant and sustainable impact in these communities. At all times we respect the knowledge and integrity of those we assist but we try to increase the capacity of our beneficiaries rather than maintain their ongoing dependence on us.

To this end, building relationships with our beneficiaries, identifying their strengths and assets, visiting projects, and maintaining contact are vital components of our outreach.

We constantly strive to hold our beneficiaries accountable for effective implementation of practice and procedure, but we recognise the difficulties and ongoing challenges that this still presents.

Criteria to apply for a grant

Although we strive to provide grants to as many organisations as we can, not all will qualify. Please make sure you meet our minimum requirements.

Who should apply?

The HCI Foundation encourages applications from registered public benefit organisations with a proven track record of implementing community programmes within the borders of South Africa.

We may fund religious organisations to implement a social service programme which benefits the whole community irrespective of religious affiliation.

We do not fund commercial ventures like sponsorships, golf days, conferences, exhibitions, fundraising dinners; political organisations, profit making organisations (such as Closed Corporations and Companies) and endowment funds.

If you are unsure about whether we may fund your project, please ensure that your application fits one of our focus areas.

These are:
  • Education and Professional Skills
  • Development and Enrichment
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights and Advocacy

When should you apply?

All applications must be submitted on or before 18 December 2020

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